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Top 10 Emerging Business Valuations Services Companies - 2022

In the post-pandemic world, business organizations are taking a difficult path in the valuation process to merely benchmark or track their progress. High-quality and cost-effective business valuation solutions have become a basic component of practically all modern corporate operations for successful data-driven decision-making. On that note, companies are turning to innovative and sophisticated valuation services available in the market today.

Leveraging cloud-based software is providing users with safe, multiuser access, and fostering a hassle-free remote work environment for valuation professionals in different time zones. Aside from that, it is decreasing the IT strain, thereby removing redundancy and complexity from appraisal operations. Furthermore, the prowess of ML and data mining capabilities are enabling CFOs to gain actionable insights and recommendations for tax planning, compliance, bankruptcy and reorganizations, and financial reporting. Similarly, data analytics is rapidly expanding in financial reporting—among both businesses and regulators. It is also providing them with insights on increasing market complexity, combined with ever-changing accounting standards that drive companies to make strategic, forward-thinking decisions about their operations and risk strategies.

At this juncture, there are a variety of valuation service companies available in the market that cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the company that best fits their requirement, CFO Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 valuation services companies and top 10 emerging valuation services companies. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Emerging Business Valuation Services Companies - 2022.”

    Top Emerging Business Valuations Services Companies

  • Provides a full range of forensic, business valuation and tax compliance services to help clients create value and enhance the overall value of their operations

  • Sun Business Valuations a leading business valuation and appraisal firm –is one of the most experienced boutique firms that provides clients from a wide range of enterprises and industries with a tailored valuation of their company.

  • Abrams Valuation Group

    Abrams Valuation Group

    Abrams Valuation Group expertise in business transactions, litigation asset valuation and advisory services on tax planning. Whether you need a valuation expert for a basic operating business, a complex holding entity, damage calculations, life insurance related assets, copyrights, patents, or an exotic asset structure, Abrams Valuation Group is the right place. Founded by a pioneer in the valuation of privately-held businesses, Abrams Valuation Group serves clients nationwide from its offices in California and New York.

  • Advent Valuation Advisors

    Advent Valuation Advisors

    Advent Valuation Advisors has been providing business valuation, forensic accounting, litigation support and business consulting services to the business community since 1991. Advent Valuation Advisors offers focused, professional business valuations, intangible asset appraisals, & financial consulting services aimed at identifying, enhancing & protecting business value. Their professionals, including Bill Quackenbush, ASA, MCBA, ABAR, have a wide range of experience resulting from years of work in their fields, as well as professional training & certifications.

  • Brisbane Consulting Group

    Brisbane Consulting Group

    Brisbane Consulting Group specializes in the valuation of closely held businesses, litigation support and forensic accounting. Their team of professionals hold the most prestigious valuation and forensic accounting designations in the industry. They are highly qualified to assist attorneys with detecting unreported income, overstated expenses, and hidden assets. Trial services include assisting with case strategy, discovery, preparing questions for use at depositions and trial, and providing expert testimony. They have been qualified in court and have rendered expert testimony across several counties of the New York State Supreme Court and Federal Court.

  • Economatrix Research Associates

    Economatrix Research Associates

    Economatrix Research Associates, Inc. is a boutique economic and financial consulting firm with a team of leading authorities in litigation and forensic economics and finance. Their highly credentialed experts are current and former professors in the fields of economics, finance, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations and mathematics. Their experts pride themselves in remaining in the forefront of their respective fields and expertise by utilizing the latest methodologies to bridge the gap between ongoing academic research and its application to the corporate and legal communities. They are The Scholarly Alternative to Damages Analysis and Valuation.

  • Granite Valuations

    Granite Valuations

    Granite Valuations helps companies facing challenging financial reporting and tax valuations, transactions and business planning and analysis matters. The team’s experience as investors, operators, and advisors means Granite’s clients receive high quality advice and deliverables tailored to their needs. Granite’s Managing Directors are directly involved in all phases of the work and personally deliver efficient, high quality, timely and informed advice to their clients. The goal is to provide the greatest value for fee in all of Granite’s engagements.

  • Meld Valuation

    Meld Valuation

    Meld Valuation is a premier independent business valuation and securities analysis firm. They care about understanding the unique risk profile of your situation and most importantly making the quantitative reflect the qualitative story. Meld Valuation is truly independent and void of conflicts of interest – setting the standard for efficiently and effectively providing valuation solutions and powered by world class technology. Meld Valuation has a flawless reputation for delivering high-quality, transparent, and independent valuations. They understand the changing landscape - guiding companies and investment entities through the challenges of financial reporting, corporate finance and tax compliance.

  • Monarch Business Valuations

    Monarch Business Valuations

    The company offers comprehensive and FCA-certified business valuations to its clients for IRS trust, small business association(SBA), business sales, and litigations like divorce or partner separation.

  • Omega Valuations

    Omega Valuations

    Omega Valuations, Inc. is a leading financial consulting practice specializing in business valuations, business appraisals, and financial consulting. They welcome referrals from firms that need to outsource valuation work or have conflicts preventing them from completing the work themselves. They bring a combination of professionalism, personal attention, industry expertise, practical approach and cutting edge technology to each of our valuation engagements. They are based in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California and accept business valuation and financial consulting engagements from all areas of the United States.